Christ the King Sunday

On my way to the church this morning, I felt a piece of sand in my shoe. I stopped by the roadside and took off my shoe to shake it off. After a few more steps, I felt that it was still there, so another round of clearing was performed.

And here is perhaps one of life's biggest irony. How I would take all the trouble to remove a tiny grain of sand that caused some discomfort during my travel but let myself carry all the burdens and distractions with me to the Sunday worship is quite incomprehensible. After all, as the liturgical calendar so aptly reminds us in celebrating Christ the King Sunday today, it is our king - Jesus the King - that we go to the church to see. With our minds so filled with worldly concerns and worries, what space is left for us to receive the King, who came into the world to testify to the truth, and to understand His Kingdom, which does not belong to this world (John 18:33-37)?

Lord Jesus, help us shake off our worldly burdens, receive us into Your Kingdom, where we can listen to Your voice and learn the truth tnat You testify to.

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