How to have more than enough time

Would I have time to update the blog every day? I most certainly should not worry. Time, like many other things such as wealth and happiness, is a funny thing in that the one who has an abundance mindset will actually have it aplenty whereas those with a mentality of lack ends up not having enough.

We are, after all, what we think.


Awareness for happiness

Another new year resolution I would like to put on record is to improve my self-awareness of the present moment. I realise that, at any given moment, one’s awareness of how his self is at work is the first and key step towards harnessing the self and anchoring it to the moment. With this sort of control, he will then have better clarity and calmness of the mind and achieve happiness. This certainly takes discipline and practice. So how about giving it a try so that I will be able to look back with satisfaction towards the end of the year?


Write away

It is this time of the year again, time for making resolutions.

Just to put it on the record, even though it is almost midnight now and I am exhausted after a long day’s trip back home from Thailand, I hereby declare that one of my humble resolutions is to make one blog entry a day like I used to.

Either I am setting myself up for resounding success or spectacular failure, only time will tell.

So yes, I have to keep writing.