Week Without Screens

According to an online article from a French website, 26 French schools participated in an operation called "the week without screens" which took place on 10-16 May. The activity, which was launched in 2008 in a school in Strasbourg, was so successful that schools from many regions other have decided to take the challenge. The schools tried to organise the operation in the form of a game, with prizes to encourage the students to take part in outdoor activities.

This is definitely a well-meaning operation, but I really wonder how possible it is, even for school children, to live without screens any more.

I know the modern people's reliance on or attachment, if not addiction, to the screen is far from healthy, but can we realistically live without it? To try to do that would definitely be a brave move. Just make a mental account of screens you have stared at today. In my case, these include the TV at home, the mobile phone, the computer in my office, the monitor in the elevator, the personal organiser, the Kindle e-reader, the iPad at home, the notebook at home. Some of these, like the computer at work, I don't even have a choice of not using.

And the bottom line is, without a screen, I wouldn't be able to update this blog.
Difficult. But all the more reason for trying. Just like when I became a vegetarian. I never knew before I did it that it would be possible and I would feel so good to be without meat either.

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