With multimedia technology being so advanced and the equipment so affordable these days, their use and abuse have become more and more rampant.

Not to mention the more serious cases of voyeurists using candid cameras to take pictures of women's panties, these days, when you go to any public places, chances are that you are being monitored by a surveillance camera. That is an infringement of your privacy in the name of security.

These days, when you take a bus, or a train, or even an elevator, chances are that there is a screen installed somewhere and you are bombarded with all manners of commercial messages. Every day when I go and leave my office, I have to put up with the soppy Cantopop song played through the AV system of the elevators so much so that, heaven forbid, it keeps playing in my mind for the rest of the day. There is simply no escape for the commuters unless they adopt the relatively passive strategy of drowning out such broadcast with the music from their own system such as iPod.

In the modern world, especially in a society like Hong Kong where businessmen reign supreme, we are all trapped and force-fed with whatever promotional messages, and there simply is no easy escape.

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