The Devil's Eye

“We have to admit that the soap operas on TV all these years have to take much of the responsibility for people being so cynical these days,” said my favourite host of an Internet radio show in a recent episode. He has been a screenplay writer for many years.

I cannot agree with that more. One thing I can always be proud of is that, ever since childhood, I have been immune from the intoxication of those primetime craps that have not only wasted countless hours of people’s precious lives but also poisoned the minds of the millions of people who stare blankly at the TV screen, watching the farcical, imbecile drama from their dinner table or couch every single evening. Work out the number of hours of one’s lifetime that are squandered that way and you will see how sad and shocking it is. I thank God for granting me the wisdom to see through the absurdity during my childhood when I would happily take the seat at the dinner table with my back to the TV. That was how much I resisted and detested those programmes. I look back with pride at the time I gained that I could spend on more worthwhile pursuits.

As I am writing this, I can almost hear Chris de Burgh’s song “The Devil’s Eye”:

Can you hear me, are you listening, has your programme disappeared?

I can see you, I am watching you, I've been planning this for years.

I have blacked out you television, every station in the world is mine,

And there are millions who are just like you as you sit there, paralysed!

I have some orders which you will follow, and there's nothing you can do,

'Cos as you're looking at your T.V. screen, I am looking back at you...

Oh side by side,

We will cross that great divide,

'Cos nothing's gonna save you now from the Devil's eye!

Oh nothing's gonna save you now from the Devil's eye...

Turn your dial to the number that is shining on your screen,

You will notice that everything is red, you won't need blue or green,

All around me, fire is burning, yes I'm calling you from Hell,

And all those people who haven't seen me yet, will soon be under my spell.

Something's happening, sounds like thunder, maybe the Lord is on His way,

He's still angry and He's after me since I cheated on the Spanish Train,

Oh yes He's coming, and He could stop me, but He'd better make it soon,

'Cos the last time that I won a world, I made it into a moon...

Oh side by side,

We will cross that great divide,

'Cos nothing's gonna save you now from the Devil's eye;

Oh side by side,

Forever we will ride,

'Cos nothing's gonna save you now from the Devil's eye!

I can see you,
 I can see you, I can see you...

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