Cry Wolves

Every year, on a certain summer day, there is a sea of candle light that storms the Victoria Park.
This sea of candle light also storms the hearts of all who are there.
If we stick together, no amount of huffing and puffing by the big, bad wolf can blow the light out.
If we join the light together, it will form a long, sparkling line.
One day, the line will link up with the isolated, feeble specks of light in dark empire somewhere in the north, where many big, bad wolves roam.
The line will become longer and stronger.
The light will scare the big, bad wolves away.
And the flames will singe their furs stained with blood.
And we will hear their cries of agony as they run for their lives.
Loud, piercing cries, like those we heard on a certain summer day, some twenty years ago.

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