"Post every day, that's absolute key"

"Post every day, that's absolutely key."

In her bestselling book The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin recounted her experience of starting a blog. The above was a piece of advice one of her friends gave her.

I know it is a good piece of advice. My blog started to go wrong the day I broke the habit.

For over a year, I was committed to uploading an entry a day. I remember hurrying home late at night so I could blog before the day was done. I remember blogging away on a tatami bed in a Hokkaido minshuku late at night, my wife in a slumber next to me. Then one day I realised that  there was no need to do so, as I could just date back any entry. And that was when I started relaxing, and I delayed my writing and uploading for longer and longer, until I could no longer keep up.

This is, like what I said yesterday, again a matter of discipline. When I started throwing my self-discipline out of the window, everything crumbled.

I would now like to pick up the habit of posting every day again and see how far I can go.

That, as Gretchen Rubins friend told her, and as I found out from my bad experience, is absolute key.

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