Building a cross and a mausoleum

I had two strange dreams recently.

In the first one, a man, whose face I cannot remember, was working with me to assemble a cross using a few pieces of glass.

In the second one, I had just finished building a mausoleum for myself. It was huge, the measurement going something like 4 metres by 8 metres.

These dreams seem to have highly symbolic and spiritual meanings and I have been wondering what message they are meant to reveal. I realise that they do synchronise with my life in these few weeks, in which a change of rhythm and routine due to my medical leave enables me to look into my life and confront the challenges and absurdity. I can see clearly how it is a life dominated by my ego and the fear and negativity it engenders. With the help of some reading and reflection, I am beginning to experiment with some ways to strengthen my self-awareness and connect with my inner being as well as the infinite being which is God. 

I can see how a massive mausoleum is exactly what I need to bury that big, monstrous ego.

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