Finding Faceless from Facebook

I was a little surprised when I recently got a Facebook message from the couple who owned the farm we stayed at when we travelled to New Zealand many years ago.
I have never been an active user of Facebook, ignoring most invitations to communicate over the years. But this couple are different. We were much impressed by their generosity and kindness during our stay at the farm. I remember how they immediately put up the 'No vancancies' sign right after we got there (even though they still had a couple more rooms they could rent out) so that we could have the whole place for ourselves. This time, when I told them that we would like to come back one day and hope that their farm stay business will still be in operation then, they wrote back and said: ‘It doesn't matter if we are not here … you [will] always be welcome at our house. Over the years we have made lots of friends and they become like family.’

It is this sort of hospitality we and no doubt the other visitors appreciate so much.

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