A Tale of Two Kitties

It took me all day last Saturday to organise the old videos of Parker and Piper and to shoot new ones and then upload them. There are now seven short films of the kittens on YouTube and this is the first one filmed and uploaded more than a year ago, on Day One they came to our home.

We adopted these two kittens by responding to the following ad:

“Loving home needed for sight-impaired kittens.
One totally blind kitten (called Piper) and one half blind kitten (called Parker), from the same litter looking for compassionate person to offer them a quite, safe home.

These guys are otherwise very healthy (already vet checked), playful and very loving. The blind one 'Piper' has no idea about sight as he was born that way and makes up for it in other ways. He will probably be the most special cat you've ever owned - the bond will be very strong! Many people have told me to euthanize them but they seem perfectly happy so that seems like totally the wrong thing to do.

I would like to keep them together as Parker already helps Piper- especially when they're playing, it's so much fun to watch. (my Vet 'Tiger' at Tai Wai Small Animal Hospital suggested this too, especially for Piper).

I would keep them myself but don't feel it's a safe environment with 14 dogs and 6 other cats! I found them while doing a trap neuter return of all the stray cats at my local club.

Please open your heart and reap the rewards that will certainly come from that.”

Opened our heart we did, and I got in touch with and got to know the kind owner who found and rescued the kittens from a rubbish bin during a “trap neuter return” outing (another name for the “Cat Colony Care Programme” under the SPCA). A request that she made when she gave the kittens to us was for us to let her know how the kittens are growing. She said that some of her friends, very educated ones, upon knowing that the kittens were sight-impaired, suggested that she put them to sleep as they did not believe that they would have a future. She would like to prove her friends wrong by getting news from us that they too could grow into healthy and happy kittens.

They did. And what rewards we reaped by taking them! But that’s for another day.

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