Kindness with a heavy price

"Animal lover spared jail over maid for 200 strays”

This newspaper headline tells the whole story.

Animal lover: a 33-year-old woman described as “a selfless and loving person who devotes all her time and energy to caring for homeless animals”

Spared jail over maid: she was ordered to do 180 hours of social service instead of being put in jail for illegally employing an Indonesian woman to take care of her animal shelter

For 200 strays: her shelter takes care of about 200 stray dogs

The woman pleaded guilty for paying the maid a monthly salary of only HKD3,400 instead of HKD4,000 as required by immigration laws. Now she has to pay HKD7,000 to a local hired to do the job. With the cost of running the dog pound, expenses of which include rent, dog food and medical bills, amounts to HKD40,000-50,000, she has to get a job and receive donations to keep the shelter running. It is not easy, but it is something she insists on doing, otherwise, the dogs will be left to die.

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