Mind if I rip you off?

In this age and time, people have almost stopped writing to each other. I mean really WRITING. The last handwritten letter I received was sent to me by a complete stranger in Zimbabwe many months ago. Here is part of the letter:

"My name is XXX and I am now the guardian of YYY. I got your name and photo from a letter that you wrote to YYY some time ago and I am not sure if this child was meant to receive more of these letters from you but I am sure he only got this one only. I am now XXX's guardian after both his parents passed away coz I am married to his aunt his father's sister and XXX is now in Grade One first grade in Primary level.

The reason why I wrote this letter is becoz I am looking for donor sponsorship to help look after XXX and my family in any kind of help. Clothes, food or cash. I am not employed at the moment after the fishing company I was working for closed down due to the problems we are facing in Zimbabwe. Please help me find some donors. I am a hard working guy and if I find some capital funds to run a project I can do it and I am sure if I can get a chance to do what we were doing with my ex-employer I can do better coz I have had enough experience in packing and selling Kapenta fish... and if I get capital to start buying kapenta and re-packing for resale I can do it. So please Mr Chan help me please find help from all your good friends any kind of help will do and I will be happy if you can help me to look after the two orphans that I am looking for and my family too..."

How thick did he think I am? But what got me angry was how the guy got my address. World Vision Hong Kong, the organiser of the adoption programme, was supposed to keep the donors' contact information confidential, wasn't it? World Vision Hong Kong should have only sent that letter the guy mentioned to the child, not my address.

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