Animal abuse, anyone?

According to a news report yesterday, an abhorring case of animal cruelty was revealed in Tianjin, China where a few hundred cats were found to be kept under horrible conditions. The cats, many of which were believed to be stolen, were destined either to be sold to Southern China for food or to be skinned alive for their fur. They were kept in chicken cages so small that they could not move at all and some had been squeezed to death. Incredibly, when some animal lovers cracked down on the case, the person who claimed to have been running the 'business' for years called the police to ask for assistance. In any case, he would not be held legally responsible for what he did because there is no law against animal abuse in China. When cases such as this are uncovered, the only thing animal rightists can do is to make the case known through the Internet and try to lobby public support. Whatever they do, they are doing it at their own risk as they are not protected by the law.

It is just as tough to be a Chinese animal as a Chinese animal lover.

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