Healthy competition

I love watching my cats fight. It's not because I'm sadistic or anything. I'm just fascinated by the fact that however physical and animated the 'fight' is, there is no malice in it. While it looks like they are trying to tear each other apart, there is abolsutely no intention to hurt. They are just sharpening some hunting or self-protection skills which would be crucial for their survival in a natural environment. What is so amusing and such a joy to watch is that even in the thickest of action, when they are locked in a furry heap seizing the throat of each other, they would suddenly show camaraderie by licking each other.

That, to me, is a perfect example of healthy competition. My cats have shown me that competition is something we all need in life to equip or elevate ourselves, but it doesn't have to be antagonistic, ugly or cut-throat - something which always happens in the human world.

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