A devoted cat trapper

"I captured three cats this morning!" My colleague crooned when we met in the office this morning. It was a few minutes past eight. I wondered at what hour the capture took place.

It shows what a committed cat trapper she is.

And I am a little proud of that. It was I who introduced the Trap-Neuter-Return scheme to her, knowing that she is an animal lover, and that near where she lives there are a number of stray cats that she's been feeding. She is in a perfect position to help those cats by helping to bring the population under control. And she's been doing that with flying colours.

Her love of animals is shown from the fact that she's fallen for one of the three cats that she got this morning. "I've been struggling about whether to keep that little lassie who is so friendly that she lets me touch her," she said. "This sort of friendliness can be dangerous, you know."

I nodded. Of course I know. The trust and friendship that these these harmless and innocent animals are ready to extend to humans can be ruthlessly exploited by cold-blooded abusers. And there are a lot of these sickos around. Just minutes before my colleague arrived, I had watched the first part of a video clip which was about four well-dressed young girls in China abusing a helpless rabbit to death. I couldn't bear to finish.

"Maybe you might like to keep it?" my colleague suggested, sounding almost off-hand.
So that's what it's all about.

For a moment, I was tempted, but... "I'd love to, but I've already had four, you see."

"I know."

I was almost sorry about how she was a little deflated by my lack of enthusiasm. "Just go ahead and have her desexed," I added. "The programme does stipulate that if the vets find the cats friendly, they may keep them at the SPCA and arrange homing."

That was how we left the matter. I have a feeling, though, that this little kitten might just end up being homed by this big-hearted colleague of mine. And so I wish.

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