Best Holiday in the World

"The best holiday in the world!" claimed the new advertisement all over the MTR carriages today.

To many people, this advertisement about a holiday in Queensland is not much of a surprise. When Queensland cleverly captured the world's attention by advertising a six-month job as caretaker of Hamilton Island as "The best job in the world" at the beginning of the last year, some people had quite rightly pointed out that it was one of the best advertising campaigns in the world. It is just a matter of time that Tourism Queensland came up with this advertisement which makes reference to Hamilton Island as the "office" of the best job in the world.

Every penny paid to Ben Southall, the Englishman who got the job, was excellent value for money, not only because it secured the service of a very bright young man but also because of the excellent advertising effect.

And that job may not have been the best in the world after all. Southall, who has recently completed the contract, said he had had to work for 19 hours each day for six months! He insisted that he enjoyed the job though.

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