Did you ever panic?

When CY Lam, the speaker of the seminar on crisis management I attended yesterday, was asked whether there was ever any situation in which he felt he was in crisis, he reflected for a moment and said: "I really can't think of any."

He went on to say that he didn't panic even when he fell off a horse in Mongolia and had to be rushed to hospital for a brain surgery. "Like what happened to many people who have rubbed shoulders with death, events in my life raced through in my mind at that brief moment. Two thoughts came up. The first was that I got a tick for how I had lived my life. The second was that I had been able to share my life with this woman who had started with being a stranger but was now worried sick about my life. I realised then that I had been very lucky. But no, I didn't panic at all."

Near death experiences like that can only be good for you, he concluded. That is in line with the views of many people who have got back their life after so nearly losing it.

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