We are number one - for the wrong reasons

Hong Kong just earned the unenviable position of being "the most toilsome" of Chinese cities, according to a poll by Xinhuanet, an online arm of the Xinhua News Agency.

Here is what the poll, for which Xinhuanet did not give details of its method and size, found out about Hong Kong:

Work is at breakneck pace.
Working overtime is the catchword of the people.
The more people work, the less time they have for workout, for having a good meal, for television, and for love.
The turnover rate of the labour force is high - in part due to mass layoffs and fierce wars for talents among companies.

Hong Kong people should not find the findings surprising. Many of us do have enormous pressure at work and little time to enjoy life. While Xinhuanet said Hong Kong merits "the vibrant and dynamic" tag, one has to ask whether it is worth it.

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