Slam junk

It's 8:04pm and I'm laying the dinner table.

The phone rings. Uh-oh! It's most unlikely to be from my wife, who should be at the door any minute now. Experience tells me that it's one of those irritating junk calls. This is the time of the day these calls come in most frequently, probably based on some market research or previous knowledge that people have just finished dinner.

My hunch is confirmed. "Good afternoon, madam," says a manufactured male voice.

The offense from this voice, these few words and the utter mindlessness of the caller give me the perfect excuse to slam the phone, before declaring: "I am not a madam and it is not afternoon now."

It is amazing how such muppets believe they can woo people into listening to them, not to say buying or subscribing to whatever service or product they are trying to tout, without even having to think or bothering to get some basic facts right. Such arrogance or folly or complacency is simply shocking!

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