A friend sent me an PowerPoint file with some amazing images by Víctor Molev. While the miniature versions of the images are portraits of some famous people, the enlarged versions are beautiful paintings which are thematically related to what the people are famous for. Two examples are the small images above, which portray Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud respectively, and the large ones below, which show what their theories are about.

The PowerPoint file contains the following biography of Víctor Molev:
Victor Molev was born in Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia) in 1955.He graduated from architecture faculty in 1976 and has worked as an architect and theatre set painter.

He immigrated to Israel in 1990. Victor was a member of the association of artist and sculptors in Israel. He is painter and graphic artist. He had participated in numerous exhibitions (both solo and general) in Russia, Europe and Israel. His works can be found in private collections throughout Europe, United States, Canada and Israel. In august 2006 He immigrated to Canada. Up to day he lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

These images and many more of his great works are available at his website: www.victormolev.com.

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