"Be thankful", "Smile at it"

While on the topic of Japanese people, there is one remarkable Japanese man I have to mention.

Ohno Katsuhiko was born in 1944. He had been tending to his family's agricultural business since graduating from high school, until a tragic accident in 1989 changed everything. His hands got caught in a machine. His mother was standing by his side when it happened, but she could not help because she did not know which button to press. Both forearms had to be amputated.

After the accident, he had to wear a prosthesis. Amazingly, he started writing painting and writing calligraphy using two metal fingers wrapped with a rubber glove to hold the brush. He even started to teach painting and to give positive energy and encouragement to people through talking to them about their problems.

One thing he likes doing is to walk in nature to sketch the landscape and write words of encouragement that come to his mind.

His paintings, poems and calligraphy are on display in Kaze-no-Oka Aso Katsuhiko Ohno Art Museum in Kyushu, which his students donated money to build for him, as well as in Seibi no Mori Museum in Hokkaido.

Despite his hardships, Ohno Katsuhiko is remarkably optimistic. The optimism is shown in his works as well as his motto, which is always "to be thankful" and "to smile at it".

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