A body to die for

Slimming company Royal Bodyperfect was recently raided by the police and some employees were arrested after they were suspected of using rigged scales in order not to pay up after promising customers to have their money back if they reached target weights.

Legally, this is a case of alleged scam, probably because the company has taken a step too far. But how about those omnipresent slimming advertisements featuring slim beauties and making the claims that the companies can help their clients shed their weight or reduce their waistline in a matter of days? Are they not a bit fishy too, even though the companies have not gone so far as to get themselves in trouble with the law.

But it's the same story. The fact that we are bombarded by these advertisements everywhere means that such services are in great demand. Their rampage, like so many other dodgy phenomena, is no less than what this city deserves.

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