Far from the madding crowd

I have always had an aversion to crowds. Ever since I was a small child, you wouldn't find me among the onlookers observing an accident or a fight, the festive revellers in a flower market or firework display, or the bargain hunters lining up for a fair or a pre-sale. There is no enjoyment in the hustle and bustle and it is never worth the energy and time.

Every morning, I go to the office about half an hour before the official start time. I enjoy the time when there are few colleagues around and I can quietly set up for the day. While doing that regularly means that I have less sleep every day, I actually have more time to use than those who leave home at the last minute because they commute in the rush hours and I commute before that, and the net outcome is that their travel takes longer because of the heavy traffic. Another benefit is that I have never been late for work.

Even when I get off the MTR I do not use the escalator that everyone flocks to. I would walk to the one that is a bit further away. By the time I get there, the crowd would have cleared somewhat and the escalator would have become less of a bottle neck.

That is how I would steer clear of the madding crowd.

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