My first e-book

The first e-book I ever finished reading with my Kindle was Carra: My Autobiography, which, as the title suggests, is Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher's story of his own life.
The book made enjoyable reading, not only because I am a Liverpool fan but also because I find the great footballer an honest, humble and very likeable person.

He did not hesitate to talk about the darker side or moments of his life. He actually began the book with one such incident. He started by talking about how, one afternoon when he was seven, he faked injury because he did not want to continue playing football under torrential conditions and was given a good hiding by his father. This, he said, was the defining moment of his career, "a lesson in football and in life I'd never forget". Good for him, it was the first and only time he faked injury.

Carra also talked about his bad attitude when he played football as a schoolboy:

"If anyone tracked down former colleagues who played alongside me as a schoolboy, I'm sure they'd hear a selection of horror stories regarding my attitude. They hated being in my team. I had no concept or appreciation of other players' limitations. Perhaps I was still lacking an understanding of my own ability, believing anyone could reproduce my form if they put their mind to it. More likely, I was intolerant of less talented footballers to a point where I could be accused of being a bully."

He talked about how his dad got a twelve-month jail sentence for tax fraud.

He talked about how he missed the birth of his son, choosing, much to his regret later, to go to Switzerland to play a decisive Champions League match. It was a moment he still looks back with a sense of shame.

But despite these blemishes, Jamie Carragher is a football icon that is adored by Liverpool fans, and he knows the reason better than anyone:

"It wasn't simply my football ability the fans were yearning for, it was my personality and character. The Kop loved me for what I represented. I was now being valued as a symbol of what a Liverpool player should be."

Way to go, Carra, you deserve the status of a Liverpool legend.

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