A Disciplined and Dignified People

What a discipline and dignified race the Japanese people are is clearly reflected in the way they react to this latest earthquake disaster.

In face of the country's most powerful earthquake on record, which scientists said was nearly 8,000 times stronger than the one that devastated Christchurch last month, and the ensuing tsunami of up to 10m, there was no stampede, no opportunist looting - something quite unthinkable in the neighbouring "great" nation. And the fact that most people were evacuated within minutes after the tsunami waves were rushing to the coast at frightening speed, keeping the casualty and death toll to a minimum, says a lot about how organised the people are. I pray that they will pull themselves together and see through the disaster. I also pray that there will not be massive aftershocks, that there is no leakage of radiation to pile on the misery, and the rescue, relief and rebuilding work may take off smoothly.

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