Enough Is Enough

Pedophiles represent a serious threat to children. They are known to lurk where children play and look for opportunities to prey on them. The Internet is where they 'hang out'. Enough Is Enough, an American organisation to propagate the importance of protecting children from harms of predators and pornography, said in an article in 2000:

"Pedophiles pose another danger to children on the Internet. Pedophiles 'hang out' and even lurk where children play. Today the commputer is the playground of the new millenium where pedophiles befriend children, gain their trust, and can lure them from home and molest their prey. Recent newspaper articles report that there are numerous computer bulletin boards set up specifically for the seduction of children."

I can testify to how rampant the situation used to be. A few years ago, it was very easy to find cartoons, designs and other materials which appeared to the untrained eye to be merely kid stuff but were actually the most deadly trap to lure innocent children into a relationship. Today, due to the relentless crackdown of law enforcers, such materials have all but disappeared, but one can be sure that somewhere in the dark, some pedophiles are lurking in the dark, trying different ruses, looking for the next helpless victim.

These criminals are to be brought to justice at all costs.

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