Panic Buying of Salt

While buying some salt at the supermarket today (I swear that it was for no other reason than that I really ran out of that key ingredient for cooking! There were just a couple of spoonfuls left!), I saw a woman putting quite a few bags in her shopping basket - not a consumption habit that one will likely see in less turbulent times. With my own eyes, I testified the truth of the reports that Hong Kong people, along with those in China, scrambled for the iodine to protect themselves against possible radiation. I noticed, though, that the woman had very sparse hair on her head - an obvious sign of having undergone chemotherapy.

For her, at least, the panic may be understandable.

But not the pathetic behaviour of those ignorant and hysterical panic buyers.

They deserve to be mocked by the Japanese, who said sarcastically that there is nothing left on the shelves of their shops except salt, and the Chinese are welcome to trade it with their rice.

We really should be ashamed of ourselves.

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