Meditate to liberate, not levitate!

“Levitation is not the goal. The goal is liberation.”

I like this clarification, in the book Mindfulness in Plain English, about what the goal of meditation is. Maybe I do not know enough about, or have enough faith about, supernatural power, but I find this idea that gurus or enlightened meditators are able to float in the air quite bizarre. According to Wikipedia, the scientific and empiricist communities traditionally attribute incidents of paranormal levitation to "trickery, illusion, auto-suggestion, and unseen natural causes", and that is certainly my position, too.

There are websites that claim to teach people how to levitate. Read the steps extracted from one such website and see for yourself how credible the teaching is.

Levitating The Visual Body
Visual Exercise
Step One
Charge your physical body with energy.
Step Two
Then See your visual body standing in front of your physical body.
Step Three
Then visualize that your energy is blending with your visual body.
Step Four
Then focus your mind on levitating your visual body off the ground.
Step Five
Once your visual body is off the ground hold it there for a minute.
Step Six
Then focus your mind on levitating back down to the surface.
Step Seven
Do steps four to six a couple of times before moving on. Then you can open your eyes.

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