We're not all bad

Not all news stories are depressing, such as the one I mentioned yesterday.

I wondered if it was an intentional arrangement by the newspaper, but alongside the story about the man injuring four baby kittens by swiping them to the ground with a broomstick was another one about how a kind woman saved some puppies’ lives.

The news story reported that after the woman saw some hawkers selling puppies for people to cook and eat, she secretly filmed the process and uploaded the video clips onto the Web. She also bought two puppies to save them from being slaughtered.

The woman is indeed an animal lover. She has been running a haven for stray animals since 2005. She is presently taking care of over 100 cats and 70 dogs.

When we are saddened by stories of animal abuse like the one I wrote about yesterday, we are also comforted by heart-warming stories like this one.

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