Politics, thy name is hypocrisy

Hong Kong’s least popular and most detested government official, one who is ridiculed as eunuch because of his sycophancy towards China and his arrogance and contempt towards the general public and those showing dissent, has been appointed as Chief Secretary following the original post-holder’s resignation to run for Hong Kong’s next leader.

The appointment itself is offensive enough, as it clearly conveys the message that the government is determined to ignore and even go against public opinions. Worse still, in announcing the appointment, the Chief Executive, himself also failing miserably to gain the support of the Hong Kong people, defended the decision by saying that a government official's popularity and his love of Hong Kong is not compatible, and our new Chief Secretary has chosen to love Hong Kong.

This is not just another classic howler out of the Chief Executive's gob, it must rank as one of the most absurd among the innumerous incredible remarks that he has made down the years. What kind of logic is it that loving Hong Kong would put someone against the general public? How is this "love" defined anyway? What is he trying to say about the worth of public opinions?

It is worth noting that such belittling of public opinions never occurred when, during the early days of his administration and the public did not know any better, he enjoyed fairly high popularity ratings.

Politics, thy name is hypocrisy.

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