Non-cooperation and more

Twenty things I can, and will, do to confront the political situation of Hong Kong in the next five years (and probably beyond):
  1. Keep smiling. Or maybe smile even more.
  2. Keep being strong. Or maybe be even stronger.
  3. Keep dreaming.
  4. Keep the anger – the healthy anger.
  5. Build up positive energy.
  6. Find an exit door.
  7. Support People Power.
  8. Help out with the cause.
  9. Never watch local TV any more. Better still, never watch TV any more.
  10. Never compromise.
  11. Never lose hope.
  12. Spread the word.
  13. Stay being anti-communist.
  14. Stay being anti-nationalistic.
  15. Save every penny possible.
  16. Keep praying and believing.
  17. Tell my belief to as many people as I can.
  18. Quit being addicted to the Internet.
  19. Learn French and Spanish.
  20. Remember that one has to be dead to be alive.

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