Too big for comfort

I have to admit feeling a bit dejected after doing the ecological footprint quiz at the myfootprint.org website. Either I have seriously misjudged myself, or it really is that hard to live a sustainable lifestyle. The test result shows that “if everyone on the planet lived my lifestyle, we would need 1.6 earths.”

Being a vegetarian who is always careful with my spending and consumption and concerned about the environment, I honestly do not think there is much more I can do to take care of the earth. Just for the last couple of days, I have been working hard to find out how I can restore our sofa, the surface of which has been peeling off like snowflakes after the incessant scratching by our cats, rather than taking the more convenient and tempting option of simply replacing it. Believe it or not, the latter option is actually cheaper. But I want to do my part in saving the earth and not create another big piece of rubbish.

But still, it turns out that my ecological footprint is larger than it should be. I am not being conceited or self-aggrandising, but if even my ecological footprint is not small enough, how about those of my neighbours?

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