Gullibility or selfishness?

While the Hong Kong education system emphasises, at least on paper, the promotion of students’ critical thinking, a colleague of mine always says that the day this goal is achieved should also be the day the death knell rings for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.

That’s a bit cynical, but the colleague certainly has a point. If the Hong Kong people, especially the young people, are able to look beyond the blatant lies that politicians and the media have been using to brainwash them on a daily basis, and realise that the bar has been made lower and lower and that it is some absolute rubbish or poison that “Grandfather” has been trying to force-feed them, they should not have been so indifferent.

But I do wonder whether this impasse reflects how gullible Hong Kong people are, or how selfish. Could it be that some people prefer to accept the current situation so long as believe that their own interests are not threatened?

One way or the other, the situation is far from ideal.

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