I really shouldn't be writing this

I really shouldn’t be writing this.

There are things far more gratifying to do – like browsing the Internet for the latest soccer news or a bargain for the second hand table lamp that would grace my home, playing with the cats, or just slumping in the sofa. Anything. Anything but doing something which feels like work.

But I’ve learned enough about breaking habits and combating procrastination to be aware of the fatal mistake of letting my auto-pilot mode take over. It is important to do something different, to at least make a start of the task that I know, in the back of my mind, that should get done.

And hey, thanks to that awareness, that shift in mentality and that bit of determination, here’s a blog entry written.

Now I can enjoy the satisfaction of uploading it and, hmmm, start browsing the Net, stroking the cats and … 

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