Jonas, Todd and Shawn are back.

After the tiger and two camels belonging to a zoo in Canada have gone missing for four days as the truck and trailer which were supposed to take them to Nova Scotia had been stolen, the trailer was found near Montreal after the police received a tip. The animals were in good health and are now resting at their homes.

I hold up my hands. I feared that the tiger and two camels will not be found alive as they could be sold or killed by the thieves. I probably had too little faith in humanity.

The story of their loss and recovery is quite heart warming. The zoo officials have shown genuine concern about the animals, putting up one reward after another to help trace them and making public appeals for the thieves to take care of them. The following remarks by head zookeeper Stephanie MacEwen show how much they care.

"I am so relieved. I feel great... Everyone has been up for over 72 hours and now we can hit the pillow."

You have to give credit to the thieves too, not only for returning the animals but also for caring for them while they were missing. The police believed it would have been difficult for the animals to survive in the heat of the enclosed trailer for nearly four days.

MacEven said: "I'm feeling emotions I didn't know I had." Maybe that applied to the thieves too.

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