I need a pay rise, says the Queen

How much does it take to sustain a family? Of course it depends on where you live and what kind of family you have. Here in Hong Kong you can get by, and many families do, with a few thousand per month. In poorer countries it can be much less.

But how about the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace? According to a report, the Queen gets an annual GBP7.9 million (that's about HKD90 million per year, HKD7.5 million per month, or HKD250,000 per day), which covers the cost of the royal household.

If the idea that amount of money that the Queen gets for one single day can well be the household income of a Hong Kong family for twenty years is not chilling enough, how about the news that Her Majesty is seeking a pay rise because her expenditure is GBP6 million more than her current pay and she'll soon be broke if she doesn't get the rise?

It works out to a daily expenditure of about HKD433,000 for the Royal Family.

Quite surreal isn't it?

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