No cheaters please!

What's going on here? Is there a terrorist attack? Or a bank robbery?

No no. It's just this year's high school public examination in China.

In the first picture, the troop of traffic policemen was just "protecting the examination with love", as the placards in the vehicles said.

In the second picture, the policemen were escorting not criminals but candidates into the examination hall.

What the woman in the third picture was trying to detect was not chemical weapons. Nor was the girl about the board a plane. This 'security check' was to ensure that there would be no devices for cheating to be brought into the examination hall.

But why all the fuss? According to the news reports in the last couple of days, some examination candidates have been adopting hi-tech, state-of-the art, James Bond movie-like gadgets to cheat. The glasses they wear are a camera for taking pictures of the question paper. The eraser on the desk is a signal transmitter. The watch is a display screen showing the answers the fee-charging cheating syndicate has worked out and sent in.

What could only be found in a scene of a sci-fi movie has now become a reality. And what can be a more fitting stage for this real-life drama than our great Motherland?

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