More on how to handle a defeat

Another article from the Tennis website, one called How to Recover from a Tough Loss by Jon Levey, offers useful advice on getting over a tough loss.

"...if you’re a competitive player a narrow defeat can cause you a world of hurt," he writes. "What's most important, though, is to not let a recent heartbreaking setback shake your confidence so that it affects your performance the next time a match comes down to the wire."

He has some very good advice to offer:
Recall all the good things you did. Tell yourself that if you do more of these in the next match, the result will be different.
  1. Give your opponent credit. Acknowledge that your opponent was part of the reason for the loss. This will take some of the blame off your shoulders.
  2. Build back your confidence through winning. Try to play your next match against someone you know you can beat. The tast of victory will make you feel like you can repeat your success even in more competitive match-ups.

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