Yaba Daba Doo! Happy birthday to you!

It is definitely more interesting and meaningful to celebrate the anniversary of the fictional town of Bedrock than a certain fanatical country in the East.

About the only similarity one can see in the two places is that there are Stone Age people and dinosaurs living what resembles a modern life. And maybe another one is that both places have a bossy lead character. But the one in Bedrock is not bloodthirsty and much more likeable.

The Flintstones cartoon started running in the USA on 30 September fifty years ago and have become a favourite of millions of people around the world. When I was a young teen, I refused to watch any stupid soap operas that were on show at dinnertime, choosing to sit at the most unpopular place of the table - the one with my back against the TV. But I would rush home after school to watch the cartoons that were shown in the English channels in the late afternoon. The Flintstones was my firm favourite.

So happy birthday, Fred, Barney and company!

"Yaba Daba Doo!"

What a refreshing change from the "Arise! Arise! Arise!" that kept contaminating one's ears yesterday!

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