When are you coming back?

We have started to plan our Christmas trip. We are doing it early to make sure that our places for transport and accommodation for our preferred dates are available. We would also like to make sure that someone will come over to take care of our pets.

Until about two and a half years ago, we did not have any cats to leave at home when we travelled and so did not have any such responsibility to shoulder. But now when we are away on trips, we feel a little guilty. Of course we make proper arrangements to ensure that their physical needs are satisfied, but it is the affective side that becomes a problem. Not only do we miss them during the trips, we also know that they miss us badly, especially Parker who wouldn't leave us out of his sight and is always tagging us like a dog. The worst thing is that since there is no way we can "tell" the cats how long we will be away, they must be very despondent when day after day after day we have not come back and they have no idea when and whether we will. When we come back from trips, it is always painful to see how they have lost weight and how visibly dejected they have been.

If only we could take them with us when we go away.

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