My first ever bubble

This is the first blog entry I ever wrote, as Cheval Sans Tête, in another site some four years ago:

"So why start my blog?
After all, I don't think I have that much to say.
I don't think I'd like anyone to know about me, or who I am.
I don't think I can keep it going.
But these are precisely the reasons for starting. I would like to put these ideas to test.
Maybe writing blogs is like the bubbles I blew in the water of the swimming pool this morning. There were lots of them - big ones, small ones.
They didn't go far.
And they didn't last.
But if you look more closely, each one has a world in it.
And they looked quite nice, in the water, under the sun.
So why not start blowing some bubbles, I mean blogs, here?"

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