A bicycle or a wheelchair?

As a biker, I do pay attention to people who share the same interest. When I see a fellow biker on the street, I would keep an eye on him, maybe to see what type of bicycle he has.

But I was wrong today. It was when I got closer to the “biker” that I realised that what he was pushing wasn’t a folding bike but a wheelchair. Obviously, it was not for this young and healthy guy but someone he was about to help - someone who cannot walk normally like we do. I was thinking, what a big difference between using a bicycle and using a wheelchair!

There will always be some people who simply prefer neither - not doing exercise and expecting to stay healthy. Maybe this does happen, but I would argue that using a bicycle regularly minimises one’s chance of using a wheelchair. Of course, it takes some commitment and determination to develop and then keep up the hobby of bike riding. But once the initial difficulties are overcome, the fun and freedom one can enjoy are simply beyond words. The gain definitely outweighs the pain.

Would I prefer a bicycle or a wheelchair? It's a no brainer.

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