More not necessarily better

The sharp pain I have been feeling at an inconvenient spot after biking in Taiwan for three days led me to another piece of life’s little ironic truth.

When I go biking, there are always three layers of clothing over my bottom. Apart from the biking shorts, I also have three layers of garment over my bum – the biking shorts (naturally), the short pants I wear on the outside (because I wouldn’t like to go around looking like a ballet dancer in tight outfit) and the underwear underneath (which, I believe, would give my bum even more protection). But still, after three days of biking, that sensitive spot was badly scraped, leaving me to wince in agony whenever the open wound rubbed against my undergarment. In the midst of the torture, it dawned on me that there was a reason why I’ve been told by fellow bikers, more than once, that they only wear biking shorts but no underwear. Underwear has sharp seams which may cut through the skin if the biker sits on the saddle for a long time, and that was exactly what happened to me during those days in Taiwan.

More is not necessarily better.

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