Frowning while sleeping

“You frown while you sleep.”

It is funny how the person who told me this was not the woman who has been sharing a bed with me all these years. Rather, it was a friend who shared a room with me for three nights while we went cycling in Taiwan. It was only after I told this to my wife that she confirmed on the next day: “Yes, you did.”

How many similarly obvious and potentially useful discoveries might have completely escaped our awareness on a daily basis?

Anyway. So I frown while I sleep. Does that make me look like a crumbled piece of paper? What underlying psychological truth does that reveal about me? Does it show that I am by nature a worrier or a pessimist? Does it show that I carry a load of negative thoughts with me to my slumbering world? Does it show that I can’t even relax while resting for the night?

I think about how my cats sleep. It’s a picture of total relaxation and serenity. Aren’t cats luckier creatures than a miserable human being like me?

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