Why can't I be angry with you?

I remember a scene in a Garfield cartoon a long time ago, in which Jon looked at the lordly feline who had just done something horrible and said in a resigned way: “Sigh! Why can’t I be angry with you?” (This may not be the exactly wording, but it is something to this effect.)

Today, with Parker having destroyed innumerable objects in the flat for fun in the more than four year’s time he has been with us, including many treasured items we bought during our travels, i.e. items that cannot easily be replaced, I find that it has got to a stage where I feel the same as the hapless Jon. For all the damage done, I have come to accept that Parker is just an extremely playful and curious cat with not an ounce of malice in his muscular body. And so he can always get away with that ever so innocent look, which is like Puss-in-Boots trying to woo, and which seems to be asking: “What’s going on? Anything wrong?”

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