Fantasies are real

Yesterday, I talked about the creative process of "Haiku Herman". He said that he writes haiku before sleeping and wakes up with the poem of the day before. "In my sub-conscious lots of things are working."

Today, in the newspaper, I read about my favourite film director Tim Burton talking about his creative process, which is remarkably similar to what Mr Van Rompuy said.

"I always had this horrible reaction of people going 'This is fantasy and that's reality.' It's like, wait a minute! A lot of us use our fantasy and dream life to actually work out problems in our real life. It goes in psychology, it goes into a lot of things. They're not exclusive. Those fantasies are quite real."

So do not take our fantasies, dreams and sub-conscious lightly. They carry powerful symbolic meanings that inform our 'real' life. In a sense, as Tim Burton suggests, our fantasy and dream life and our real life are not exclusive.

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