Life is not blue for Blue Blue

Prompted by the most recent cold-blooded animal abuse case in which a stray cat was tortured by having its front paw cut off, over fifty animal lovers and activists staged a rally last Saturday in the district where several similar cases have happened in the last three years, to protest against the inability of the police to crack down on such cases.

One of the demonstrators was the owner of a cat that survived such a torture two and a half years ago. Blue Blue was only one month old when her rear paws were chopped off. When I saw the misery in the blue eyes of the kitten in a photo taken after the tragedy happened, I just cried. I couldn't understand how someone could do a thing like that to such an innocent and helpless young life. Looking at that photo, I felt utterly guilty for us humans to have brought so much suffering to animals.

Thanks to the kind volunteer who adopted her, Blue Blue has survived and grown to be a beautiful young feline. She will be handicapped for life of course. According to her owner, she is annoyed to see other cats jumping around. She would also bite when someone tries to touch her feet - a telltale sign of what a traumatic experience the torture must have been for her. She may not be as mobile as other cats for the rest of her life, but at least she will be under the loving care of her owner. It is hoped that kindness like that will go some way towards redeeming the sins of the humankind.

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