"The worst in n hundred years!"

Ever noticed how these days when natural disasters like the severe drought in southwest China recently happen, they are branded by the authorities as "the worst in XXX decades" or "the worst in XXX hundred years"? Obviously, just as it is no coincidence that disasters caused by extreme weathers are growing in numbers, it is also no coincidence that these disasters are growing in magnitude. The alteration of landscapes, exploiation of natural resources and depletion of vegetation have greatly increased the natural hazards and weakened the protection capacity.

Ironically, China, with its Communist mentality of changing the course of human destiny, has so much faith in campaigning that the solutions they resort to are to dig deeper and deeper for underground water (and they will keep doing so even though in many areas they have gone over one hundred metres without success) or inducing artificial rain.

They even have Weather Modification Offices in different provinces and, as the following banner shows, take much pride in them.

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