Nothing but the truth

The world is changing faster and faster, much faster than we like or we are ready for. As John MacArthur said in his book Nothing but the Truth: Upholding the Gospel in a Doubting Age, "we need to understand that many things are changing much faster than we may have realised and that man's sinfulness is more acute than ever". Technology certainly has a key role to play, not only in driving that change but also in perpetuating that "sinfulness". One thing that technology is so good at doing is to create visual illusions, so much so that it has become increasingly difficult for us to distinguish between images synthesized by the computer and real objects. Just look at some of the TV advertisements that bombard us on a daily basis. Huge amounts of money have been invested into producing mesmerising images to show us the fascinating "experience" of chewing that gum or owning that multi-million dollar luxurious flat. But how real are they?

Gandhi, in his autobiography, talked about how his pursuit of truth began at a tender age:

"...one thing took deep root in me - the conviction that morality is the basis of things, and that truth is the substance of all morality. Truth became my sole objective. It began to grow in magnitude every day..."

He might find that pursuit being rather difficult if he were to live in today's world.

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