Harmony, "ha! money!", "harm only"

Hong Kong people should congratulate ourselves that we still have a rather different interpretation of the word 'harmony' from Communist China, which defines it as having only one voice - that of the ruling power of course - with all other being suppressed at all costs. It is a definition that can be interpreted, I think, as "Ha! Money!" or "Harm Only". It is a definition that the Donald Tsang administration and the pro-government camp have been trying to transplant to Hong Kong. The government would like to rule in whatever blunt, brutal and barbaric way they like, just as former deputy secretary for health and welfare Laurence Ho pointed out that government policies are not passed by the will of the people but by the votes of a select group, and if there is so much as the smallest attempt in showing dissent, like to recent campaign for universal referendum, they will try to quash it at all costs.

It is in this context that the latest poll conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong showed that Hong Kong's score in the 'harmony indiex' is 2.98 (5.0 is the maximum and 3.0 is regarded as 'pass'). Hong Kong people do not consider this a harmonious city.

The same poll showed that Hong Kong people consider consider the wealth gap as "very serious", harmony between ordinary people and tycoons has deteriorated badly, and one in four people believe that radical actions are the only way to attract government attention.

If the Tsang administration and their followers believe that they can keep doing and saying all they like and then try to fool the people with cheap PR shows, they can think again.

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